Player 6.0

• Flash video chat player for high quality video and audio
• H.264 video & Speex / HE-AAC audio capability
• TwoWay cam feature
• Video only mode ideal for non-chat sessions
• Zoom and full screen video capability
• Low real time delay ~0.5 second (non-buffered H.264) and ~ 2 seconds (buffered H.264)
• Webcam list with category and Host search
• MyFavs feature allows users to create their favorites list
• Host bio, image gallery, schedule page
• View virtual wallet balance
• Customizable using CSS and configuration file, colors, text translation etc.

Flash H.264 / Speex / HE-AAC
JustCamIt has the ability to stream high quality video in H.264 format over low bandwidth connections. Speex audio is the default audio and works fine for most applications with voice and background music. HE-AAC audio is also available if higher quality audio is needed for feeds with heavy music sound tracks.

Browser Compatibility
PC - Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari
Mac - Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera
iOS - Safari (iPhone/iPad), Chrome(iPad)
Android - iStreaming Mobile Player App (Play Store)

Player Integration

The player requires 4 session cookies to be set prior to its access. Below are text boxes that allow you to manually set these session cookies for testing purposes. Session cookies can be set using Javascript (as we did here) or by using server side scripting like PHP or ASP.

It is recommended that these 4 session cookies be set on your login page right after verification of the member's username and password with your local database. The member_pass should not be the same password used by the member on your website.

Enter your account info and select optional parameters then press "Set Session Cookies" button. Then press the "Test Player" button.

account_idYour Account ID
gateway_ip Admin Panel->MyAccount Gateway Info section, IP or URL
member_user Admin Panel->Users, existing username
member_pass Admin Panel->Users, existing user's password

Direct Link Popup You can also direct link the videochat page into a tab bypassing the camlist. The 4 session cookies above would still need to be set. See example below.

<a href="javascript:void'player6.0/videochat.html?host_name=testhost&mode_request=1')">Free Chat</a>

Keyname mode_request corresponds to 1=free, 2=group, 3=private chat room modes. This will also set the session cookie variables host_name and mode_request.

Customizing the Player

The player's appearance is controlled by a CSS file in the css/ folder and the configuration.js file in the config/ folder.

The default.css file controls all of the HTML elements in the player and the configuration.js file controls the elements inside the Flash movie as well as the text used. Both must be modified to change the player's colors and text.

Gateway API

The following gateway API calls are available:

All API call samples are located in the api/php folder and require Curl / OpenSSL to handle the socket connections. All of these calls mimic the actions in our Admin panel.

You can automatically create users in our system by using the user_create API call. The best place to issue this API call is on your login page right after you verify your member's username and password against your local database. You should then set the 4 session cookies for the player to use via Javascript or server side scripting.

Usernames and passwords are limited to 20 characters with the following regular expression preg_match('/[^0-9a-zA-Z_-]/',$user);
As a security measure it's recommended that the user password you provide us not be the actual password for this user in your system.

Using the user_update API call you can add funds to your user's virtual wallet in our system which is used for pay per minute sessions. This allows you to use any merchant solution you wish.

Additional notes are in the sample files.

Integration Notes

Embedding the player into an iframe is the recommended technique as this isolates the player from the rest of the page's DOM.
Clients upgrading from previous versions to version 6.0 will need to re-integrate as the changes are too numerous to update older versions.
Email support is offered at


All software contained in this package is licensed to the clients of iStreaming Networks for the sole purpose of integration and use of the iStreaming Networks Video Chat hosting service.

Licensee is allowed to modify the software during integration but no support is given once the software has been modified. Licensee will assume full responsibility of any negative effects that may occur as a result of any software modification.

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