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10 mins Black Milk Carton girl kik show New category: Kik | GO BACK
Price : $99.99
Quantity : *
Color : N/A
Size : N/A
Type / Model : N/A
Shipping Type: : N/A
You know, I have been hitchhiking across America and now you want to teach me a lesson. Time to succumbs to the succulence of my black young flesh! Does it make your cock hard to think about corrupt me? My pussy is a warm piece of chocolate pie with a creamy sweet cherry filling that you will not be able to get enough of, You know, I am super innocent and very tight! Let's talk about big fat cocks plunging into my perfect lil caramel pussy of mines? White men punishing me with their bodies and minds! Black men watching me degraded and cumming off this degradation. Let me make you cum in 10 mins!
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