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About Me
Hot blonde babe vs Sadistic Mistress. Whether you're looking for passionate hardcore sex or domination,the time spent with me is gonna be an intense experience. I'm a hardcore Bitch who's into more kinks and fetishes than I have space to list!
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Sedenna is always amazing, has not disappointed me once yet! Love the store and all of the options she offers. She always answers questions quickly and provides tons of info into what you want, could not recommend this any more than I already have
by: Joe

I'm inlove with her!
by: Josh

She's the most exquisite woman I have ever met!
by: darwin

She's incredible!
by: James

I fell in love with Sedenna a couple of years ago. I don’t visit her often but when I do I always treat myself to a long session. She loves to please and to be pleased.
by: Alvar3z

Sedenna is the real fuckin deal! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, sexy, and has pussy that won't quit....she's real, blunt, and tells it like it is. And when she cums for you, she's beyond amazing! By far the best model online!
by: narvos

She's the sexiest pretzel twist eater I've ever seen.
by: Bob D Builder

Riding in the cab through the congested and narrow streets of Central Amsterdam, I was anxious...not because I was nervous to meet her...but to find out if I could make HER anxious...My cab pulls up to the curb of the cafe where she had told me to meet her and from the cab, I could see her sitting at a table on the cliché, Central European wrought iron wrapped patio. It was a very casual coffee she was dressed very casual, per my request. I exit my cab and make my way into the cafe and out to the patio, there she is in her thin-cloth Nike tracksuit that hugs every inch of her flawless body...and her sunglesses..she bothers not to get up, but tilts her head back and to the side, smiles, and says "Hi!". I take her easy-going, nonchalant posture as a challenge...I pull out a chair directly across from her and take my seat...leaning back in her chair, she takes off glasses, folds them, and sets them on the table...and she looks up at me...into my eyes with her alluring yet piercing green eyes...then time shifts into slow motion...every detail...every element...every sense....intensified exponentially...her soft, supple skin...her rich and lush lips...and then she catches me with the look on my face that she loathes yet loves...and then she gives the look I've been waiting the moment...I knew she was the trouble I need...refreshing...liberating trouble...I knew WE were trouble. and that is the best dream I've ever had....SO far.
by: Jack

best money ever spent.... shes a angel
by: klorax

Can't wait to take her out for dinner!
by: David

Best I ever had (Drake voice)
by: J Stack

Love the products... She is fantastic ....
by: Jokoooo

User-friendly store, easy to browse and great offers.
by: Marine

She is the Sorceress I have been searching for far and wide, for many moons. Truly magical. Every experience is a new one. She will knock your socks off...or robe...if you're a wizard too.
by: Mr. Wizard

dont let the metal music,skulls, and sly insults fool you shes just a sweetheart :p
by: jimbo94

Excellent will be buying something in the future
by: Master_Paul

Great new store from my awesome mistress, looking forward to seeing all the new items you're going to add. Store is easy to use and navigate. Best wishes in your latest venture Xxx
by: Bobblehead